Protected habitats

  • Luzulo-Fagetum beech forests
  • Asperulo-Fagetum beech forests
  • Dacian beech forests (Symphyto-Fagion)
  • Galio-Carpinetum oak-hornbeam forests
  • Bog woodland
Luzulo-Fagetum beech forests

The Luzulo-Fagetum beech forests occupy 731,6 ha of the protected area. They occur above an altitude of 500-1300 m on differently exposed slopes and summits. They are present in the area north of Balvanyos. The dominant species is beech and the graminoid layer is very rich in species.

Galio-Carpinetum oak-hornbeam forests

This habitat occupies 979,1 ha of the protected area. It thrives in the shadows at an altitude of 300-800 m above sea level. The largest expansion is on the south-eastern part of the site. The canopy layer is composed of oak. The shrub layer’s development depends on the shading.

Bog woodlands

In Romania, this type of habitat only occupies a few thousand hectares, between the altitude of 900-1600 m. The area occupied by this habitat in the site is of 1,14 ha. The best known bog woodland of the area is the Răbufnitoarea peat bog.  It is home to some rare and protected plants, which are characteristic of bogs, such as Drosera rotundifolia, Vaccinium spp., Sphagnum spp.