Project progress

Between February and December 2020, public procurements were completed through SEAP and companies were contracted to implement the activities provided in the project. A total of 17 contracts were concluded, including 12 service contracts, 4 supply contracts and 1 works contract.

In the first semester several project activities were initiated, as follows:

  • within the AWARENESS RAISING, the opening conference of the project was organized and the first press releases and news appeared. Field trips were organized for schoolchildren form Turia and Bixad
  • during the elaboration of the WEB PAGE, the web page was updated.
  • within the TRAINING COURSES the Institutional organization course (ă/) and the project management in protected areas course were organized.
  • during the making of the DOCUMENTARY FILM ABOUT THE SITE, the script of the film was made and the first filmings in the field have already been handed over
  • during the DATABASE UPDATE AND THE CREATION OF A SOFT, the first version of the software / application, called Ranger App, was handed over.
  • in the MONITORING OF SPECIES AND HABITATS the monitoring of habitats and species Ligularia sibirica and Pholidoptera transsylvanica was performed
  • within the IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ACTIVE MEASURES, several activities are ongoing, among which the identification of old trees, the analysis of peatlands, the identification of grazed areas, etc.
  • within the CONSTRUCTION WORKS, the arrangement of the rest places from the site is carried out. More information:
  • within the CONSTRUCTION WORKS, the construction of the protective fence and the planned bridge in the peat bog was started. If there are no unforeseen problems, the work could be received in March.