Expected results

Expected results of the project:

a 350 m long protective fence, and a 30 m long bridge in the Torjafürdő peat bog

23 warning signs placed in the site

1 software for managing the database of the protected area

1 database about old trees and native trees in the protected area

1 study of peatland habitats

1 study on the tendency of invasive species in the site

3 3 closed waste collection points

6 monitoring reports on habitats and species of community interest

1 tourist route arranged with panels, signs, benches, stairs, railings

3 resting places arranged with tables, benches, places for fire

24 ecological education activities in schools from Bixad and Turia

6 ecological education activities on the thematic routes of the site

1 nature film about the site

2 forums organized to consult locals

1 updated web page

4 press releases

2 press conferences

4 training courses for the administrator of the protected area

1 set of equipment for the protected area administrator